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Business at hand? There’s way too much of it. I was hoping to blog a bit today about what it means to be from another galaxy, but I’ve been socked in by a fog of work the past couple days. I don’t normally work on Thursday nights, but this week I’ve agreed to take a shift at Rocket. Boss called me and asked if I would please at least work this one day. I normally work Saturdays, but due to circumstances, I’ve had to get the next few Saturdays off. That means I’m not on the schedule at all during the coming month. But why would Boss himself ask me to take a shift? Jeff should do that. He’s the manager, after all. What, I wonder, is Boss’s reason for asking?

I find out this afternoon. It turns out that Boss #2, whom longer-term audience members will remember caused me no end of mischief back in March, has heard that I’m taking some time off. This guy is a real nut. He’s about the worst retail businessman I’ve ever known. He’s paranoid, suspicious and inept. He wants me gone so bad that I swear it’s the only reason I’m staying. I like being a thorn in his side. He’s also in Europe for the summer, but when he hears about my schedule, he declares that if I don’t work for a month I’m effectively fired. This causes Boss #1 to panic a little. He doesn’t need the aggravation. He likes me, and understands that there’s nothing wrong with having an articulate and compassionate employee. Plus, I think he’s a little afraid that if I bail completely on Rocket, I’ll stop being his web-monkey (which sounds a helluva lot more perverted than it actually is.)

So off to work I go. Rocket looks nice on the outside, but behind the scenes it’s a complete mess. Actually, it’s kind of a mess on the outside, too. I noticed today that someone left a pile of belongings strewn about the sidewalk outside. I’m tempted to clean it up. But I’m also tempted just to leave it. Boss #2 doesn’t deserve the effort.

On another note: these are some of the albums I’ve been listening to lately, courtesy Amoeba Music:

elastica lantana
pink panther violet indiana
gemma hayes

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