Blue Cat Screenplay Competition

Blue Cat

As of right now, there are 17 days, 15 hours, 29 minutes and 22 seconds until time’s up for submissions to this year’s Blue Cat Screenplay Competition. I only bring it up because if you’re thinking about entering, you might want to to rethink that. Well, I mean, unless you don’t mind settling for second place. I entered Element yesterday. We all know that clinches the top spot.

The competition isn’t a new one. Gordy Hoffman and Heather Schor have been turning over stones since 1999 in search of the undiscovered screenwriter. And it’s not just a screenplay competition. Hoffman’s organization also puts on workshops and live script readings. The entry fee is $50. First prize is $10,000. If you’re a top notch screenwriter that’s a guaranteed return on investment of a million percent. Plus you get a one page analysis of your script, suitable for framing. Very nice.

I don’t normally enter contests. I mean, I love rejection as much as the next guy, but usually it’s because I don’t have the required number of pennies and nickels to cover the entry fee and I always end up entering the contests that people like Ana Lily Armirpour and Young Kim Il enter, people with real talent, people who don’t just spill coffee on three-hole paper and call themselves Julius and Philip Epstein. But on this particular morning I decided to toss Element on the pile. Why not? I could certainly stand to be taken down a peg or two.

Oh, and I can’t ignore that wonderful name. Blue Cat. My nascent web design company is called Cobalt Kitty Design. Do you see the convergence? The cat, as they say, might just be in the bag.

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  1. Jules Bianchi - February 13, 2008 at 6:16 pm Reply

    U R A goob

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