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A few thoughts about my current project…

Most of my attention is occupied by Blood & Dust right now. More specifically, I’m working on Blood & Mist and Blood & Glass. They’re the prequel and sequel, respectively, to the original. What makes these two projects challenging is the vastly different scope each has with respect to the first one. Blood & Dust takes place over about three or four days in 1886. Yes, there are flashbacks stretching back to the Renaissance, but its central story is very simple. In contrast, Mist covers more than 160 years. Faced with the daunting task of telling a chronological story with all its attendant gaps and dissolves I find myself struggling to reshape the plot into a different format. Instead of telling a straightforward, chronological tale, as I’d started to do, I’m leaping forward to almost the end, and then flashing backwards in a tricky episodic style. I don’t know if I can pull it off, because I’ll have to make sure all the various segments build on a central story and then pull together into a cohesive finale.

Glass, on the other hand, promises to be much more conventional, although beginning as it does in modern day Los Angeles, there’s much left to the imagination as to what happened to Lauren in the years since 1886 and the events of Dust. I haven’t decided if I’m going to dramatize any of those.

Meanwhile, Strange Angels languishes, in need of attention. I’ll return to it soon.

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