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It’s late and I’m working hard on Blood & Mist. I only wanted to duck in here long enough to offer this as an explanation as to why I’ve been absent this week. I met with an exec at Maple Shade Entertainment last week. They had passed on Blood & Dust, which they read and liked very much, but were wary of thanks to the dismal showing of John Carpenter’s western-themed Vampires from a few years ago. After chatting with her about the scope of the Blood Trilogy and explaining my approach to the material, she (like Mosaic Entertainment) is back up on the fence.

So all of this is pending delivery of treatments to the two sequels. That means writing. And lots of it. I have to work out the plots of two whole movies and then present them again (perhaps with a rewritten Dust) as a whole package. Though Glass, which is the third (and most contemporary) of the trilogy can be more of a four page thumbnail, Mist has to be serious and complete.

Last week I set about mapping out Mist in earnest. I’ve worked through the first act in about five single-spaced pages. As I push through it, it’ll get tougher. I have a good idea what happens when, but the specifics will take time. I might be able to sum up the final act in a line or two:


St. Louis burns.

…but I’m going to have to earn that by telling a solid tale.

Work, work, work!

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