Blogging comes naturally for some. The simplicity of point, click, read, obsess appeals to more and more people every day. It’s a nifty community with endless possibilities. But have you ever tried to talk about the habit in conversation? Unless you’re with another obsessive blog-surfer there’s just no way to do it with grace and dignity. As if the word “blog” isn’t weird enough. Conversations like this are probably common:

“So I was featured in laist the other day, and–”


“It’s a website. A blog. Like, you know, memepool…”

“Ellayst? Mean-pole? What?”

Funkyjenn gave me props the other day, too, which was kewl.”


“Oh, and I read this excellent article about the erosion of support for Roe v. Wade and the implications for women today.”

“Really? Where’d you find that?”

“Um, Boing Boing.”

“I gotta go.”

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