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Just a note. I’ve begun a transition from Blogger to WordPress. I like the flexibility and elegance of WordPress. Also, think I’d like to archive this thing a little better. Someone looking for “music stuff,” for example, should be able to click on a category and see all my posts about music. Same goes for Screenwriting posts. Or better yet, there could be a One-Eyed Kittens category and little Cy could have a page all his own.

Anyway, posts might get a bit spotty around here as I make the change. And it may take a week or so, thanks to my killer schedule. I just wanted to give y’all a heads-up.

BTW, you can see HOLLYWOODLAND trapped in a basic WordPress template here. I’ve managed to import all the comments, but the comment counters aren’t working. Wait, wait, calm down, don’t get excited. This was just a test run of future import. Just relax….easy now.

Coming soon…

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