I’m in the middle of another one of those hell weeks. This is that kind of week where I work Saturday and Sunday at Amoeba, then Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday from ten in the morning till 11:30 at night. I have Thursday off because I’ve got to go see the doctor about the high hemoglobin levels they discovered in my blood (they want to re-test; I’ll try to get pictures this time.) Then it’s another thirteen hours on Friday. Saturday I’m going to Coachella to (not) see Cocteau Twins.

I’m so foggy it’s a wonder I don’t pass out at the computer. But I did want to pop in long enough to point out that those of you who always felt that you love the nuance and atmosphere of Rambo but abhor the violence might soon be able to distill the film into that ten minute nugget of joy you always wanted. Coming soon: The Family Movie Act, paving the way for ClearPlay.

P.S. I wanted to come up with a graphic of Rambo holding a gun with a daisy stuck in its muzzle, but I just don’t have the time. So help me out and pretend that I did just that.

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