I’ve been gone a couple days. Sorry about that. I’m back now. But only sorta. I’ve spent the last couple days messing around with a new design for the site. I’ll upload the thing later tonight or tomorrow. It’s the beginning of a site-wide restructuring. I’m sick of the old design, which was really supposed to be a self-promotion tool to help me move to L.A. two years ago. I’m done with it. As I mentioned before, I’ve got the domain set aside. As soon as I can fork over the dough to my web provider I’ll be shifting this stuff over there. I’ll keep the sixsquare domain. It’ll have its uses. I’m just tired at looking at my noggin on the home page.

Rita Hayworth is much prettier.

The only reason I’ve had time to do all of this is because Friday morning I awake to find that during the night someone had wrapped several tight coils of barbed wire around my lower spine. I immediately get on the horn with my doctor (whom I’ve not yet had the pleasure to meet) and ask for an appointment.

The receptionist says, “Okay, it looks like we can squeeze you in at 2:30.”

“Fine,” I say.

“On Tuesday.”

At that moment I’m curled over the side of the bed, toes clenched, fingers tight around the telephone, eyes riveted on the carpet. And I say, “Okay. Should I just stay in this position until then?”

I have to call in sick today. I really, really hate doing that.

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