Back To L.A.

Los Angeles Sunset

This week I’m taking a break from the profound, insightful posts. On Sunday I’m driving back to Los Angeles after an eight month stint in Santa Fe, so I’ll be packing and having drinks and otherwise appreciating the clean, crisp desert goodness. But I don’t want to let the blog sit idle. Last time I left this blog unsupervised, I returned to find it had chewed its way free of its harness and slipped out through the cat door. Eventually, someone identified it and called me, but not before it gotten itself a deluxe suite in a Miami Beach hotel and maxed my American Express on comic books and pop rocks.

So right. I’ll keep blogging while I pack. This week? I think I’ll post some songs about Los Angeles. Some of my faves. Songs that are not only about L.A, make me think of it as well.

on the net: wikipedia, official site, karaoke version at itunes

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