An Earlimart Follow-Up Already?

EarlimartSorry about the lack of postage yesterday. I spent the morning and afternoon lazing about Las Vegas, New Mexico. This version of Las Vegas, which is about sixty five miles East of Santa Fe, and which is infinitely more interesting than the one in Nevada, happens to be where I spent four years of my childhood. More recently, it has become famous for playing a major role in No Country For Old Men, almost every frame of which was shot there.

Anyway, the point is, I was gone all day, so I couldn’t wax ecstatic about Earlimart’s announcement last week that their follow-up to Mentor Tormentor already has a release date. July 1 is just under four months away, and yes, that seems far. But it’s a hell of a lot better than the four years it took to release the follow-up to Treble & Tremble.

I like Earlimart. That’s no secret. And it pleases me to hear Aaron Espinoza to say something like this:

“We recorded the new album (Hymn and Her) really quickly….we didn’t wanna wait another 3 years to make another record. We just wanna keep makin’ stuff” says Espinoza. In fact, plans have already been put in place for the follow-up to Hymn and Her … “We are in negotiations with a satellite and space research company. I can’t say who they are just yet…..but we’re gonna start releasing records via satellite. Space downloads. We’re light years ahead of Radiohead….gonna plant that sucker right on the roof of “The Ship” and start broadcasting” says Espinoza.

Yeah, okay. Sounds great, whatever it is. Just keep those creative fires burning. I, for one, will be ready to bask in that heat.

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