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My soon-to-be-laid-off friend Ryan channeled both Franklin W. Dixon and Carolyn Keene yesterday and managed to track down a long list of numbers for various stations at the AMPTP, who kinda keep these things close to the vest. The list reads pretty much as written, which means he can’t vouch for the spelling of any of these names (“So you’re last name is Smith? Spelled l-a-m-a-d-a-h-e-y?”) and some of the numbers clearly lead to dead ends.

Movie reference of the day: Remember in Wargames when Matthew Broderick’s computer dialed every number in San Jose looking for a games server and accidentally grabbed the number for the national defense system’s computer? Well, a little ways down the list is the number for Nick Counter.

Call him and ask him to please not bomb Russia.

Sez Ryan:

In order to be unbiased in my campaign to get our jobs back, please
feel free to call and discuss your issues with the strike with any or
all of the following as often as possible.

Please don’t forget that the WGA is the other responsible party.

As ever your unemployed friend.


AMPTP Contact Info

818-382-1701-Anti-Piracy Department
818-382-1704-Joan Mcdome
818-382-1705-Mary Copeland – Rating
818-382-1706-Ambiguous answering machine
818-382-1708-Scott Young
818-382-1709-Melissa, HR Department
818-382-1710-Nick Counter
818-382-1711-Carol Lamadahey
818-382-1712- Paul
818-382-1713- Brook Howney
818-382-1726-Switchboard (Guesswork…they hung-up on me before I could
say anything)

818-382-1727-Angie Lee
818-382-1730-Jaycee Ule
818-382-1731-Anna Gonning
818-382-1733-Control Room
818-382-1735-Bob Frisano
818-382-1736-Kevin Soto
818-382-1739-Sue Mcdermott
818-382-1741-Fax Tone
818-382-1743-Yulia Deshevsky
818-382-1749-Rings, No Machine
818-382-1751-Roger Cophaven
818-382-1752-Rings, No Machine
818-382-1753-Melissa Patack (State Government Affairs for AMPTP)
818-382-1754-Sarah Welsh
818-382-1755-Rings, No Machine
818-382-1757-Paul Meigner
818-382-1758-Thelma Cohen
818-382-1759-Vanessa Pelech
818-382-1760-Press Office

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  1. Bar Hopper - December 11, 2007 at 5:07 pm Reply

    According to the CA State Bar’s attorney search function, 818-382-1725 belongs to an attorney named Alan Wu.

  2. Will - December 13, 2007 at 9:00 am Reply

    Interesting. Thanks for the comment. Maybe his calls were routed to the switchboard that night.

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