Amoeba Tip #64

This is something we at Amoeba never understand. And it happens all the time. This is a line of cars trying to get into the underground parking lot. That van will be sitting there, engine idling, for about fifteen to twenty minutes. One car out, one car in. That’s how it works. But just so everyone knows, the Arclight Theater parking is directly next door on the other side of the block (it’s visible in the background of this shot.) There are hundreds and hundreds of open spaces there. Acres of vacant concrete. And guess what? Amoeba validates. Go there. Gas costs way too much per gallon to waste it in traffic. Seriously.

What makes this image extra ridiculous is that I’m taking it on Sunday. Forget the Arclight. There’s free parking EVERYWHERE. What are you dumbasses hoping to do, save a little time?

Oh, and while we’re at it, PLEASE don’t try to make a left across Cahuenga coming the other direction. Not only is it illegal, it pisses off the people waiting on the correct side. The garage monitor won’t let you in and you’ll look like an ass making that six-point turn you’ll need to pull off to extricate yourself from the embarrassment.

I think this behavior comes from the same place in human nature that has people taking the elevator down two floors to go to the gym.

That’s right. Elevator. Gym.

I’ll let you ponder that one yourself. I’ll only get annoyed.

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