Amoeba Clips

Sara: “Get your damn Merrill Osmond out of my imports section.”

Eric: “It’s funny that they were looking for a spelling bee soundtrack and they didn’t think of spelling it out.” (after a customer asks why they can’t find the soundtrack for 25th Annual Putman County Spelling Bee at the beginning of the alphabet.)

Dave: “I’m so bored.”

And then at Groundwork after we close, I drop by to see Anya before walking home. It’s 11:11, the magic hour. No one else is in the shop. A guy walks in. Anya says, “Um, we’re closed.” The guy freezes, then retreats, pausing by the door. “But it says open till midnight.” Anya says, “We’re closed.” And he leaves.

I look at her. She looks at me and says simply, “I hate, hate, hate that guy.”

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