The Air Near My Fingers

Blood & Mist

In the time I’ve been gone (almost a week now) I’ve gotten mostly better. The steamboats are gone. The noise in my head has calmed down.

In the time I’ve been gone I completed the first draft of ELEMENT. That’s Number Two in the Six in 2006 plan. And I haven’t slowed yet. I just hit page 20 of Script Number Three.

And in the time I’ve been gone I’ve developed an obsession over “The Air Near My Fingers” by The White Stripes. I’ll post it tomorrow when I have time.

Well don’t you remember, you told me in December
That a boy is not a man until he makes a stand
Well I’m not a genius but maybe you’ll remember this
I never said I ever wanted to be a man

(Do wee…)

I get nervous when she comes around
When she comes around

I especially love the “Do wee…” part.

UPDATE: As promised, here’s an mp3 of the song, which comes off of their album of a few years back, “Elephant.” Enjoy for a while (I’ll probably take it down in a few weeks.)

The White Stripes:

      The Air Near My Fingers
(224kps mp3)

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