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These past few days are lost to the writing. Two days ago my manager sends me an email mentioning the setup of the Beowulf Project over at Maple Shade. This, he says, is a reason to kick the renovation of the Blood & Mist treatment into high gear. The Mist treatment, as I think I’ve mentioned before, describes a story that spans 160 years of Early American History. Yes, there are vampires, but the whole thing, blood and guts and all, is just too expansive. The canvas is too big. I need to pull it back down to something closer to Blood & Dust, the plot of which covered only three days. Through careful use of flashback, elements of the story in that one stretch back several hundred years, and though I don’t enjoy using them, in that case, the flashbacks work. So I’ll have to re-tool the plot of Mist and see what I can come up with. In just a few days.

No problem, except I’m neck-deep in the treatment for Blood & Glass. It’s coming together at last (after a few days of chipping away at the plot with a dull and worn instrument) but I’ve got perhaps another day’s worth of work to go. Then Sundays are placed on the altar at Amoeba Music, leaving me no time to write. And Monday is my last day of “freedom” as Boss is due back from Iceland. So my work is cut out for me.

In fact, what am I doing wasting my time here?

See ya.

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