Adrienne Shelly, R.I.P.

In the film Trust, Maria, played by Adrienne Shelly, climbs up a low wall, stands straight and lets herself fall backwards. A surprised Martin Donovan catches her. This, she says, is a demonstration of love. Love is a combination of respect, admiration and, above all, trust. The words are Hal Hartley’s, but Shelly owns them.

Adrienne Shelly was found dead in her office on Thursday. An autopsy is being performed (probably has been by now) but I don’t think anyone doubts about how she died. It was the sheet around her neck. That’s how she was found. So strange. I know her best from the Hal Hartley films that she did. I’d wanted to dismiss her as an airhead actress, but she turned out to be a talented and ambitious filmmaker.

But for some reason she again climbed up to that high wall and leaned out. This time, however, Martin Donovan wasn’t around to catch her.

Link to CNN story.

Adrienne Shelly

UPDATE: Just asking, am I crazy, or does this image of Adrienne look a lot like the Garbo stamp in the sidebar?

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