Adam K & Soha – Twilight

Adam Kershen

It’s Sunday. Church is open for business. Sunday’s a day of rest. It’s a day for paying homage to our myths and our legends. It’s the day on which we profess our fealty to the Flying Spaghetti Monster (but then every day is FSM day–join the club.) Sunday also happens to be the day I intend to post something electronic. Call it Techno Worship Sunday, call it Weekend Progressive, call it Butterscotch Pudding Down The Pants Day. Call it whatever you want. The idea is to spread the word about some of the incredible electronic dance-y goodness that the progressive dance industry churns out week after week.

Last time I posted about Ohmna. This time it’s Adam Kershen and Soha Radjpous, better known (in progressive circles, anyway) as Adam K & Soha. I stumbled upon this, their collaboration, quite by accident. It’s got everything I love in a good, meaty progressive track. Excerpted here is the breakdown. And here (in keeping with the Sunday theme) you’ve got a holy trinity of sounds that build and combine into a genuine skin-chiller moment. There’s the main thread, a repetitive synth pulse that describes a simple descending melody; there’s that stratospheric surge that soars well above it like a cirrus cloud and then, deep below, keeping it all rooted, is a fine bass thunder. It’s a fine progressive marvel and, rightly so, spent a while on the top of Beatport’s charts–no mean feat considering the turnover.

I haven’t figured out how to link to an artist on Beatport yet, so when you go buy the track, just visit Beatport and look for Adam K. Easy enough, right? It’s just two and a half bucks for the track.

Adam K & Soha: myspace (Adam K), myspace (Soha), Hotbox Digital (Adam K’s label)

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  1. jules Bianchi - December 19, 2007 at 4:06 am Reply

    soo pretty, Will! Makes one want to be rolling…

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