Experiencing the end of the week exhaustion/exhilaration. Among the new movies arriving today (for Tuesday’s release date) are The Scorpion King, Nine Queens, Brotherhood of the Wolf and one of the greatest movies ever, The Thin Man. William Powell and Myrna Loy strike the perfect balance between comedy and mystery in that one. And it’s long overdue for arrival on DVD. Of the others, the only film I’m truly excited about is Nine Queens, the preview for which was electrifying. Here’s hoping the movie lives up to that impression.

The preparations for the big move to LA are progressing. No line on a job. Noline on a place to live. But November first is a few days closer. I’d call that progress.

Been entering some more of the CPE Journal. Here’s the latest update. Kind of momentous, if you ask me:

:: CPE Journal Part 5 ::
Friday, April 8, 1994

It’s the slowest day of a slow-as-hell week. Andy’s in Hawaii. Laurie’s in Vegas. Teresa’s in DC. Cristy’s in Phoenix. Maher’s in Santa Barbara somewhere. Wanda is at lunch. Larry’s at lunch. Sue’s at lunch. Mary’s got the day off. Fred’s eating a peanut butter and cream cheese sandwich. He took a break long enough to come in and tell me that Kurt Cobain’s body was just discovered in his home (“that kid, from whats-it? That band? Nirvana. Blasted his face off with a shotgun.”) A suicide note lay nearby. Depressing. The phone hadn’t rung for an hour. Next time it rang, it was Mike calling from Emerald Video to confirm Kurt’s death.

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