Too busy to enter a proper notice today. It’s Tuesday. New Release Day. so I’ve got to scurry off to work and make sure the kiddies can get their hands on Murder By Numbers when we open our doors. in the meantime, here’s some more from the famous CPE Journal.

:: CPE Journal Part 4 ::
Monday, March 21st 1994

Things are breaking up a bit early here tonight. Fred Caruso’s jamarta (“a little of everything”) is in the oven, cooking for toight’s Oscar gathering at the house on the hill. I’m in charge of getting the wine. Maybe a state of fair drunkenness is what I should be aiming for tonight after last night’s road trip to Los Angeles. Melissa Briney, John Paul Lavezzo and I went to see The Hudsucker Proxy at the Century 14. Matt went with us, but I don’t know him well, and it seems I probably won’t need to. We had a good time, though conversation was difficult in the less-than-serene Hard rock Caf�.

New driving music is Smashing Pumpkins (“Cherub Rock” at full blast) Beck, Inspiral Carpets and Green Day. Dig made a lengthy return last week. ‘Nuff for now…

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