Last night’s movie: 1 Giant Leap. I’m a sucker for the fusion of music and image, because often out of that synergy arises a powerful idea. It’s inspiration. It’s visual and auditory alchemy. And it can be a hell of a good time. I’ve championed films like Godfrey Reggio’s Koyaanisqatsi and Powaqqatsi, and Ron Fricke’s Baraka for a lot of reasons, but I think they represent film at its most primal. They bear a message, there’s no question. but they involve the viewer by allowing him or her to bring a personal interpretation into the mix. There’s a message there, but the message is the medium. That is, the images and music themselves act upon us in ways go beyond their simple content.The best music videos achieve this sort of give and take. 1 Giant Leap is the brainchild of producers Duncan Bridgeman and Jamie Catto who have traveled throughout (most of) the world in search of ideas, cultures and notions about the human condition. they organized what they recorded into several chapters. Money, is one of them. And Sex. God. Masks. Death… They spoke to writers, to artists to thinkers, to religious figures, to shopkeepers, to CEOs. And they threaded the whole concept through a dense tapestry of music. The result is impressive glimpse of the world we live in, and more important, the people with whom we share it. We differ in many ways, but as this film shows us, we’re similar in more ways than we know. Watch it and learn..

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