Splitting headache for some reason. Reaching for aspirin, now. Not enough caffeine today. That’s because I’m out of coffee. Which must be why I had such a hard time getting up this morning.Which must also be why I didn’t post anything in the AM. Movement towards L.A. continues, but not exactly in a quicksilver fashion. Originally, I thought I might find a job at a major film studio like Paramount or Warner Bros. working as CEO or president. But I’d scaled down my ambition. I was thinking vice president. Now that I’ve given the matter some thought, I’ve decided that mail room is the right step forward. Or temp agency (thanks Llyr!) No ideas presented themselves in this morning’s paper, unless I want to write a script about WorldCom.

No thanks.

Background noise: Etienne Overdijk & Fred Numf “Love is the Drug”

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