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::CPE Journal Part 3 ::

Tuesday, March 15th 1994

My days have been repetitive but not exactly boring. They usually consist of coming in at 9:08 AM (eight minutes late no matter what time I get up) making the coffee (6 1/2 scoops for 11 cups) and sitting down in front of the computer to look at, update, then ignore my list of things to do. I choke down a massive, horse-pill vitamin that has every imaginable healthy molecule couched within a tasteless, brown medium, then it’s on to the random errands. This day’s music tape is Suzanne Vega’s “Days of Open Hand” backed with the Charlatans’ “Between 10th and 11th.” I’ve just finished a three-day stint with Nirvana’s “In Utero” and Green day’s “Dookie”. Good for the psyche. Bad for the ears.

I picked up some blue-line prints for Maher today, dropped off a ninety-minute tape of a meeting Andy had with Tommy Lee Jones to be transcribed by ASAP Secretarial, did the Lazy Acres grub drive to 1475 and arranged somehow to meet Melissa Hernandez for lunch, a meal which was combined with a short drive to Milpas to pick up a tag for her cat’s collar.

Becca comes into town tonight…

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