Spent an inordinate amount of time working on jmt2k.com this morning. Adobe ImageReady can be maddening. Still trying to figure out just what the hell is going on with Netscape. And no actual writing getting done. Aside from this, anwyay. But as long as I’m here, might as well post the next installment of the CPE Journal. Two days’ worth, since one of ’em is so short…

::CPE Journal Part 2 ::
Friday, Feb 25th, 1994

Gotta get the mailbox.

Adrianne was here in the AM. Apparently, while I was off getting Andy’s tux and picking up Danny Friedman’s tape from Greyhound there was a coffee catastrophe. So I spent forty minutes doing a coffee machine overhaul.

Monday, Feb 28th, 1994

There are some days when I spend less than an hour at the office. This was one of those days. The rest of the time I spent in my car or either at 1475 or the Miramar house. Terry Khan arrived today amid a bit of contractual confusion. I had to stock up on his provisions a bit. Glorious job, that. Even more so was the terminally fun task of washing the sheets on the two beds and remaking them afterwards. I just wanted to sit on the Oceanside and watch the waves argue with the shore. Not much chance in that, though. Gotta get up, jingle those keys. Get over to Staples so everybody can have their hanging file folders.

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