SFX: Mary Lorson & Saint Low

Getting back into the swing of things. Might as well talk about music.

Valentine’s Day comes and goes this year. I spend the evening at Amoeba with many other single folk. And most of us feign bitterness, but inside we all realize that Valentine’s Day is just a fake holiday, a totally crass commerical ploy to get people to pretend they’re in love for a day and deny that relationships always end in tragedy and unhappiness and that there’s no such thing as true love.

We’re a well-adjusted bunch.

My own Valentine’s gift comes quite unexpectedly from Mary Lorson, whose latest album drops into the store that day. I love Mary Lorson. My earliest memory of her music comes from her Madder Rose days. I had taped a video for “Panic On” from their second album. This was back in ’94 I think. I was supposed to hang out with Gaby one night. It was a first date kind of situation, where I’m ready and anxious about an hour before she’s supposed to come over. So to kill time I watched that video over and over and over.

To me, that song is about falling in love. How Valentine’s Day is that?

Mary Lorson, then and now:

Madder Rose:

      Panic On
Mary Lorson & Saint Low:

Mary Lorson - Realistic

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  1. Memo Pisa El Lodo - February 21, 2006 at 5:01 pm Reply

    I went to Amoeba on Sunday night, and ran into Johnny Knoxville. Literally. I walked passed him in a crowded isle, and he accidently jabbed my right boob hard with his elbow, and before I had the chance to shout “Ah! #($(%*$ THAT HURT!” I noticed a little blonde girl standing next to him which was probably his kid. He then quickly apologized, and I said its OK.

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