HOLLYWOODLAND reborn (sort of)

blueOkay, so I’m giving up. With enough time, energy and cups of boiled down espresso I could have been successful at executing a clean port from Blogger to WordPress, but I just don’t have access to those luxuries.

Here’s the new HOLLYWOODLAND. Not much different, is it? Well, that was the idea. As I begin to settle in and take advantage of some of the cool flexibility WordPress offers you’ll see some disctinct changes. As for now, I’m just going to return to posting. All the clumsy styling and awkward layouts will come together soon. What’s disappointing is that the comment import function hasn’t worked the way it’s supposed to. I think this has to do with recent changes to both WordPress and Blogger. All previous comments are gone. If I figure out a way to get them in, I’ll do it.

Also, as I mentioned, I was never able to get the permalinks to match the old site. This instantly breaks all my previous page URLs. As with the comments, there may be a ray of hope, but I’m too, too busy to search for it right now. Maybe all will be right in the future…

The old blog is still there. The new one has duplicated all the old posts and given them new addresses. Categories are coming. So is a search tool. And maybe some other goodies. Mostly, though, the posting will resume. That’s the most important thing to me.

It’s not necessary to update your links (this URL is a bit different) because I’ve got re-directs in place. And I’m planning on moving the blag back to the old address. But like everything, it’s going to take a little time.

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  1. Jules Bianchi - February 16, 2006 at 10:37 am Reply

    I’m so sorry for all this suffering!

  2. Keir E. Keightley - February 16, 2006 at 12:06 pm Reply

    sounds unfun.

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