Subtitle Blitz #17: In America

This one had me wrapped up in knots. My blood pressure was higher watching this than it ever gets watching most horror movies. Except, of course for The Exorcist (requiescat in pace, Bill Blatty,) which still gets the ticker all agitated. The thing is, this is about an Irish family arriving in New York to […]

Subtitle Blitz #16: Supercross

After the horrors of Simply Irresistible, I turned to this one, which looked pretty much like an excuse to film a shitload of Supercross footage where dreamy-eyed, hard-abbed men climb onto motorcycles and hit dirt courses while their Maxim-ready girlfriends wring their hands on the sidelines. I figured it would make Simply Irresistible look like Citizen […]

Subtitle Blitz #14: Sunshine

I saw this in theaters when it came out in 2007. Danny Boyle’s take on sci-fi is glossy, kinetic and a bit top-heavy with phony philosophical musings about the sun. To say nothing of the absurd plot. But suspension of disbelief is my middle name. Will SOD Keightley. I can often overlook the silly parts if […]