iPod = History

I hung out at Hotel Figueroa on Monday night with some of my fellow Metro-bloggers. I was in no condition to be having any alcohol since my post-Coachella body was like one of those sponges you find abandoned in the desert. But I had some anyway, and it probably cost me my iPod. Wait, no, […]

Coachella Wrap

While Friday’s and Saturday’s schedules were jammed, I took it much easier on Sunday. I hung back a bit, and rather than race to the Polo Grounds I explored a nearby Nature Preserve (I know, weird, right? More on that at a later date) and sauntered in at about 4:30. I missed Stars, whom I […]

So Many Bones…

I knew I’d been watching a lot lately, but this is kinda unreal. Bones sits in the number six slot of my last.fm chart this week. Also making a strong showing is Prince, but only because I’m trying digging through music for the upcoming wedding gig. Midnight Juggernauts are up there because I’m boning up […]