Jerry O’Connell: Scientologist

The floodgates have opened in the wake of the Tom Cruise Scientology video. Everyone with a camera has put together a parody. This is my favorite. Jerry O’Connell as Tom Cruise: Scientologist. I love the parable of the rabbit and the elephant. And it’s a WGA spot, too! Extra relevant for the Sixsquare-verse. the parody […]

RIP Heath Ledger. Let’s eat.

So, Heath Ledger is dead. That just sucks. I mean I wasn’t a huge fan, or anything, but he’s a bit young. Sure it was drugs and there’s a part of me that pretty much wants to say, “Idiot,” and move on, but the drug thing can happen to anybody. It does, frequently. But I […]

Site Redesign

Just a quick aside (literally — look at the category) to say that the big red letters reading UNDER CONSTRUCTION above are serious. This site is about to get a complete makeover. It hasn’t looked the way I’ve wanted for a couple years. So stay tuned. The theme’s almost ready to go, but, as usual, […]

Coachella 2008

Yesterday I said something about how one should not, dear reader(s), be surprised to see British Sea Power at the festivals this year because, “theirs is a festival sound.” And then I linked to the Coachella site. Well, the folks at Golden Voice must have noticed and decided to show me up by actually announcing […]