Dandy Warhols vs Veronica Mars

Dandy Warhols - Veronica MarsYesterday I posted a little more about some of the cool stuff from 2007 that I hadn’t gotten around to talking about yet. One of those little items was actually the Dandy Warhols tune from 2003 that found its way into the opening credits sequence for Veronica Mars. I then went on to hint that the downfall of the show just might have been thanks to the Season 3 re-working of that tune into the aural equivalent of an overcooked noodle.

That’s a pretty huge claim. So today I thought I’d better back that up. See for yourself. First the original:

Then, the soupy version. Love the triple synth hit right when Jason Dohring’s name pops up:

And before you try to tell me I’ve got too much time on my hands, this took all of four minutes to post.

Okay I’m going back to building my fleet of paper airplanes. I’m gonna invade the neighbors. I might stop in later today to talk about British Sea Power.

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