Condom Torn

I get back from New Mexico on Saturday. Everyone is talking about the windy Friday. Evidence is all around; leaves in piles in the gutter, downed palm fronds everywhere…and the once proud column of white at Sunset & Vine hangs in tatters. Thank goodness the banners (kinda) survived. Again, I just have to know what […]

SFX: Rainer Maria

It’s Monday. You know what that means. Time to share with you all my new favorite song. Way back in the mists of early 2006, Rainer Maria released their first new studio thingy in years. It’s called, “Catastrophe Keeps Us Together.” It takes me until now to actually listen to it because, well, sometimes I’m […]

Joy! Noel! Ding! Dong!

Christmas is here. It’s hard to tell, here in Hollywood, except the sparkly illuminated stars stretch down Santa Monica Boulevard from La Brea to Doheny. I love those. They always seem to magically appear one night, like presents under a tree. One day, it’s just plain ol’ Santa Monica Boulevard, the next it’s the Avenue […]

Dead Letter

I send cd’s to my friends in San Francisco sometimes. I haven’t as much lately, but occasionally a bit of music comes along that they just need to hear, or I’ll throw together one mix or another for fun and drop it in the nearest mailbox. Only once have the cd’s not made it to […]