DJ Cinema @ Carbon

Speaking of excellent DJ’s, I happen to know that there’s a cluster of good ones spinning on Wednesday, November 29th. That’s tomorrow, folks. At Carbon in Culver City. And one of those DJ’s happens to be me, finally participating in DJ Ned Learner’s What The DJ Wants night. I’ll be kicking things off at about […]

SFX: More James Holden

A couple weeks ago I waxed enthusuastic about the new offering from DJ Sandra Collins. But that was before I picked up the new James Holden comp. People who know me (some of them, anyway) know that I adore Mr. Holden’s work. It’s complex and intricate, and as dance music goes, inaccessible and relatively obscure. […]

Robert Altman, R.I.P.

We’ll miss him. Though his career was studded with highs (M*A*S*H, Nashville, The Player) and lows (Pret-a-Porter, Beyond Therapy) he was a force of nature. No one had his touch for ensemble pieces. He was a classic ringmaster, peerless and dedicated to the craft.


Bad blog! Speak up! Okay, tonight I’m distracted by This American Life. They’re replaying one of my favorite episodes. “Heretics” is a beautifully produced piece on Carlton Pearson. He’s a pastor in Tulsa Oklahoma. he runs a church called Higher Dimensions. This installment of TAL describes his rise as an articulate, eloquent and intelligent preacher, […]

Close Enough

After work at Amoeba on Sunday. We walk over to the lot behind Baja Fresh. Kirk is limping. His foot cramped up so badly on the way down from the mezzanine that he had to sit on the stairwell and grab his toes in agony. We reach my car… This is what I get for […]

Suicide Becomes Murder

I simply must update that story about Adrienne Shelly. Apparently, she complained to a construction noise he was making in a nearby office. He punched her. The punch killed her. He dragged her body back into her office and set her up to look like she’d committed suicide. “I was having a bad day. I […]

SFX: Sandra Collins

I swear, I’m the only person I know who’s excited about a new compilation by Sandra Collins. It’s not that no one else thinks it’s good. It’s because pretty much everyone I know in Hollywoodland aren’t into progressive house. It’s a Perfecto release. That’s Paul Oakenfold, for those of you who are in the know. […]