It’s late and I have a thirteen hour work day ahead of me. Keir’s next to me. He’s got a five hour drive ahead of him. He’s got to go back to Sacramento tonight because he has an 8:30 orientation to attend, where he’ll be getting himself…uh, oriented. For that reason, we’re both drinking water, […]

Musiquiz: Elysian Fields

Jennifer Charles is the voice. Oren Bloedow is the music. Elysian fields is the band. “Bleed Your Cedar” is the album. Allmusic sez: The band’s sophomore album Bleed Your Cedar was produced by Steve Albini, but during this time the band’s creative throws began its downward spiral. The label criticized them for sounding too dark […]

Police Man

When I get in to work there’s a silver-haired guy standing in the far corner of the Mezzanine. Another guy trains a camera on him as he talks and gesticulates and looks really important. “Who’s the star?” I ask. “Some guy from The Police,” someone says. It’s Steward Copeland, I realize, and I spend the […]

Too Many Users

Nice to be back. For most of the day, the database servers at my hosting company have been slammed too much traffic. Not certain what caused it, but it wasn’t me. I swear. I’m typing this in a Vicod!n blur right now. I paid a visit to the dentist and the orthodontist on Monday. It’s […]