Change of Plan

As usual, things don’t always turn out as you plan. I’m back from the Sierra Nevada a couple days early. The plan was to dive into the Sierra over Lamarck Col. Then head out of Darwin Canyon, up the vast granite bowl of the Evolution Basin, over Muir Pass, down LeConte Canyon, up to Dusy […]

Back Soon

I’m outta here folks. I had meant to prepare some nifty posts for while I was gone. But HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! Yeah right. If you have some magic time expanding machine, I’d like to borrow it. For the next seven days I’ll be here. See you when I get back.

Shopping Tip

While at Amoeba, try not to be too destructive while browsing. It makes things difficult for other shoppers. This is our smut section (yes, we have one of those.) We all stand around and stare for a few minutes, just to absorb the enormity of what had been done here. Luckily, Logan is able to […]

Musiquiz: Dig

Yeah, it’s “Believe” by Dig. Remember Dig? Not many people do. It’s unfortunate. Head honchio Scott Hackwith put together a band that often struck a fine balance between hard-edged rock and lyrical beauty. They were never well-received by critics, who wrote them off as sort of Jane’s Addiction redux, perhaps aping the pioneers of grunge-art […]


I’ve got some music I want to share with you. but I want to make it kind of interesting. I’m gonna give you an mp3. You tell me who it is. If you can. name that tune At exactly 10:00 PM I’ll post the answer. And another tune. This band opened for Garbage one night […]

L.A. Moments

I’m on La Brea. I’ve just crossed Hollywood Boulevard, approaching that intersection where Groove Fitness used to be (you know, that gym that supposedly had a live DJ spinning electro/house/trance while you worked out?) Ahead, coming from the other direction, is an ambulance. I dutifully pull over. There are a few other cars pulled over […]

Michael Keefe Reviews for July

Daredevil, man of letters and hero to harp seals everywhere, Michael Keefe, has checked in with yet another cluster of excellent music reviews. If you’re wondering about the new Thom Yorke album, wonder no longer. If you’re jonesing for a Libertines fix, Dirty Pretty Things is on shelves now. Click here to plan your next […]