EFL: English As A First Language

I’m always going on about how glad I am that I learned English from the ground up. I can’t fathom the difficulty one must face trying to learn our sloppy, fickle, inconsistent tongue when one comes from, say, Poland or Mexico or Saturn. To that end, I’m adding a new category to Hollywoodland. WORDZ will […]

Descent Redux

The Descent is on its way to American theaters at last. And the ad campaign is taking a bold Philippe Halsman approach. Check out the one-sheet: A coworker tells me about this poster yesterday, describing it as a weird, interpretive dance image. Real artsy. One look, of course, and I realize there’s no interpretive dancing […]

Scorpion For Cancer

Guelaguetza Restaurant is a great place to get Comida Oaxanena in Koreatown. Outside, on Olympic at Normandie, there are Korean signs and banks and restauants in every direction. Inside, it’s an Oaxacan paradise. I’m there to celebrate Debbie’s birthday. There are fifteen of us, including several cats from Amoeba. Remember how I said just a […]

Fun With Comments

I’ve finally done something with WordPress that I’ve been meaning to do since February. Today I spend a little time re-designing the comments feature. This is supposed to be a blog about screenwriting, but I tend to write more about music and about friends and, on occasion, perhaps even about a giant Funyun. I always […]

Bye-bye USA

So that’s it. USA is out of the World Cup. Can’t say I’m surprised. Ghana came out of nowhere and are pulling the same trick we did four years ago. And they’ve remembered something we’ve forgotten, namely, that the object of the game is to put that round thing into the net on the other […]

The Horse Latitudes

A stream-of-consciousness post about writing. This is where I go a little crazy. I’m on page 88 of the new script. if I reach page 110 by the 30th (certainly feasible) then I’ll have managed to catch up on the whole Six in 2006 scheme. That in itself is remarkable because I started this one […]

Yosemite Rockslide

NPR’s Day To Day airs a story today about Highway 140 in California, which threads the tiny town of Mariposa on the way into Yosemite. Back in April a rockslide buried the road east of town. Rocks are still falling today. It’s proving to be the clot that’s starving the town of its lifeblood. the […]


It’s Sunday morning in Denver three months ago. I drag myself out of sodden sleep. A phrase jumps into my head. I don’t pretend to know what it means. I just want to share. Verbatim. Exactly as scrawled on a slip of paper I just found. Ready? Here it comes… And every day it takes […]


When I was eighteen or so I worked at Movies Twin in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Next door was a pet store. Jerry’s Pets. I got a job there as well. Chris Bentley managed the store. We had an aquarium filled with crickets. When customers came in to buy crickets for their reptiles we would […]