Austin Film Fest

As I mention in yesterday’s post, Script Number Two of Six in 2006 is done. I print it up on Sunday, which is a good four weeks later than I’d palnned. But sickness, New Mexico and Coachella all conspire to make me late. And Script Number Three is already twenty pages towards its eventual immortalization […]


I roll up in bed and lean over the side, feet on the floor. There’s a steamboat in my head. That’s right, a rattling, howling dragon of a steamboat. It’s one of those big, side-wheeled monsters that prowled the Mississippi in the 1800’s. The giant paddle-wheels churn muddy, greasy river water. The decks creak, wood […]

The Fast Lane

I’d been meaning to do this for about a year and a half. Today is Day Eight. Here’s a quick recap: DAY ONE I stock up on maple syrup, organic lemons and cayenne pepper. This is all I will be consuming for the next fourteen days. I’d been meaning to tackle the Master Cleanse for […]

What The DJ Wants

Amoeba co-worker, spinner of wax and all-around cool guy, DJ Ned Learner is throwing down the vinyl at Carbon tomorrow night. It’s not just your usual, “Are you coming to my club?” night, either. Tomorrow marks the 52nd near-consecutive week he’s DJ’d the Wednesday night gig. What The DJ Wants. That means no requests. Just […]


As is often the case with me, I decide it’d be nice to go on a vacation, then in order to do so, I have to work extra hours and scramble to get shifts covered and run around like a maniac to make sure everything’s tied down, finished up and otherwise handled, so when the […]