Coachella Schedule

That surge in Internet use across Southern California today may have something to do with the release (finally) of the Coachella Schedule. As expected, we’re going to have to make some tough choices (Digable Planets or Yeah Yeah Yeahs? Bloc Party or Sleater Kinney or Paul Oakenfold? Kanye West or My Morning Jacket?) On an […]

SFX: Devendra Banhart

In preparation for a weekend in the sun at Coachella I’ve picked up a couple shifts this week. That’s seven nine-hour shifts in a row. Add that to the usual three shifts at the photo lab and that leaves me with very little time to write. Then today I wake up with a nasty sore […]

Maria Taylor Returns

Ryan’s really good at recognizing faces. One night we’re working at Rocket Video when an actor who was in the “Hyena” episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer walks in. Immediately, Ryan calls him out and tells him that he’s a fan of his work. I don’t know that Ryan actually knows any of his other […]

Maria Taylor

It’s late. I just got in from seeing Maria Taylor and Parson Redheads and Norfolk & Western at The Echo. Much to tell about the night, but no energy to tell it at the moment. Maybe I’ll have a few spare minutes tomorrow. An interesting night, to be sure.

SFX: The Concretes – In Colour

I’ve blogged about these guys before. They’ve got a new album out. It’s a positively dreamy set of songs that’s gonna set the tone for my Springtime, I think. Check ’em out. The Concretes – As Four (224 kps mp3) album review at NOTE: To protect my bandwidth, I’ll yank this tune from my […]