Six in 2006

Looking over the past several posts (not counting the boring blog-related ones) the casual reader might assume that this is blog about music. It isn’t really. In fact, it isn’t really about anything. It’s just a place for me to write some stuff. ‘Cause that’s what I do. I’m in L.A. because I’m thinking about […]


There’s a great deal of activity outside my little office at Argentum on Sunset and Seward. A little investigation reveals that Spike Lee is shooting a commercial. Craft service is across the street. Actors stand about in the chilly sunshine. Grips and gaffers clatter away beneath my window. A row of dark director’s chairs lines […]

SFX: Mary Lorson & Saint Low

Getting back into the swing of things. Might as well talk about music. Valentine’s Day comes and goes this year. I spend the evening at Amoeba with many other single folk. And most of us feign bitterness, but inside we all realize that Valentine’s Day is just a fake holiday, a totally crass commerical ploy […]

HOLLYWOODLAND reborn (sort of)

Okay, so I’m giving up. With enough time, energy and cups of boiled down espresso I could have been successful at executing a clean port from Blogger to WordPress, but I just don’t have access to those luxuries. Here’s the new HOLLYWOODLAND. Not much different, is it? Well, that was the idea. As I begin […]