Hang In There

I’m still here. Tackling the learning curve on the WordPress thing is like ascending Everest. I’m at the Hilary Step. Just a little ways to go. When the blog is looking good and feeling okay, I’ll come back with a post about pandas (or something else cute and fuzzy.) in the meantime, go hang out […]

Happy Birthday

A couple days ago a minor milestone slips past us. This blog, in its current incarnation, turns two. I’d started a blog four years ago, but I abandoned it when I decided to move to Los Angeles. That explains the odd gap in the archives. The blog hasn’t grown much. But the posts have gotten […]

Blogger to WordPress

Just a note. I’ve begun a transition from Blogger to WordPress. I like the flexibility and elegance of WordPress. Also, think I’d like to archive this thing a little better. Someone looking for “music stuff,” for example, should be able to click on a category and see all my posts about music. Same goes for […]


Thomas Newman: Welcome To The Suck (224kps mp3) Thomas Newman: Raining Oil Previous Newman obsessions: Angels In America Men Don’t Leave Speaking of used cd’s, I notice the Buzz section of the most current issue of Los Angeles Magazine contains a mini-grunt about the jobs in LA with the best perks Amoeba is right up […]

SFX: Sia Furler

We all have those bands or artists or singers we love to think of as our own. We discover them early, suffer the blank looks and empty stares when we try to explain who it is we’re listening to and wish others would just wise up and figure it out. And then if the artist […]


The Lady Mo over at she b mo posts eloquently about the ups and downs of being a DJ: Another really annoying thing, both on radio and in venues, is when people request something totally out of whack with what you are currently playing. On the radio, I could be doing a country set and […]