Phishin’ Hole

Just for fun, take the Phishing Test over at MailFrontier. Phishing scams are getting pretty sophisticated and this test demonstrates just how easy it is to whittle cash from the general populace. As Lifehacker reports: According to data from e-mail security firm MailFrontier, only 4 percent of users can spot a phished e-mail 100 percent […]

Luminous Times

So this is what an Amoeba Holiday party looks like. I’ve finally got thirty-odd pics organized, annoted and punched up using my magic mouse. They’re available for viewing at my new Flickr joint. And yes, it’s another picture-heavy post. I’ll get back to plain ol’ English after today, which wraps up a week spent working […]


It’s late. It’s Sunday night (Monday morning.) Amoeba Music just had its annual Holiday party. I got some pretty spectacular pictures. But I’m home now and I realize that my camera is sitting atop a pinball machine in the warehouse where the party was thrown. Let’s all pray for its return.


Lifehacker has an amusing and helpful article about the Annual Family Computer Fixing event – that tradition wherein we go home, eat turkey, sip wine and re-combobulate the parents’ hard drive. Among the suggestions: Switch the default browser to Firefox (which I actually just talked my Mom through,) do a spyware/adware sweep, defrag the hard […]

con mail

Seems to me that the most successful con artists would be the articulate ones. Smooth talkers get better results. As the saying goes, you attract more flies with honey. So why is so much spam so poorly written? That’s what I’m wondering when I glance at the following email: So lovely pictures !! God bless […]


Oh, oh, oh. Here’s a nice new distraction for me. I’m taking a brief break in my ridiculous Monday schedule to point out the cool service at It’s internet radio. It’s song advice. It’s music supervision in a nifty web app. Just type in an artist or a song that you like and it […]

Let It Die

Leslie Feist drops by Amoeba to play a few tunes before heading off to The Ford Theater to play with Broken Social Scene. It’s the first time since I’ve been working at Amoeba that I actually stand in the audience at an in-store and snap pictures and bob my head and, you know, stage dive […]