Still rooting through old stuff, deciding what to throw out, what to frame and what to burn. In one box I discover my old Western Digital Caviar 2170 hard drive. The capacity? 170 Megs. My current hard drive could hold 147 of these. And that was my big drive. My smaller drive was 80 Megs. […]

Zombie Talk

“What’s your favorite way,” I ask Matt at work, “to kill zombies underwater?” Tim answers before Matt can get his mind around the question. “I’d pull him down to the bottom and get his toe stuck in the drain.” It takes us a moment to realize that in his imagination, an underwater zombie battle takes […]

Dragon Magazine

As I dig deeper and deeper through my collections and piles of worldly things I find more and more stuff that I just don’t need. Case in point: sixty-two issues of DRAGON MAGAZINE that I’ve been carting around since I was a pre-teen Fantasy Gamer. Don’t get me wrong. I love these old issues. The […]

More Rain

I mention the rain in yesterday’s post, but I forget to post the picture I’d taken of the deluge outside my apartment. I veer off on that Eric Shaeffer rant instead. I think it’s because yesterday is Lauren’s birthday and I feel like I’d rather write about a director who drives me crazy than compose […]


Hey, I’m blogging from work. I’m on a quick break (fifteen minutes) and I already squandered most of it on a tuns fish sandwich. Time’s running out, so I’m under a little stress here to think of something interesting to say. Sure I could write about the terrible situation in Afghanistan. Or the interesting situation […]