Recently, I have an epiphany. Raisins, I realize, are not my favorite food. Hot upon the heels of that one I have another: I have too many things. And I’m acting on that epiphany. I drag five garbage bags full of clothing out of my closet. I drop them at the donation site on Santa […]

Music Saves

Okay, the River Tam notebook gets old quick, doesn’t it? It’s been fun reading the Firefly message boards, though–all the debate as to whether it’s fake or real or viral or not. I suppose I should have expected the doubters. Anyway, before the blood-spatters and the funny cats I posted about how the new(ish) cd […]

Yer So Hot

Okay, okay, last post on this whole River Tam Notebook thing, I promise. But after all that, I found yet another page in the notebook. And if this isn’t “Whedonesque” I don’t know what is. I’ll bet anything this was written for Summer’s benefit between takes.

More on River Tam

I’m not a member of Whedonesque, the Joss Whedon website (can’t cram any more folks into the stateroom) but I kinda want to address a few of the questions raised on the comments to the post about the River Tam notebook. First off, I’ve been corrected a number of times about Joss’s being on television […]

Subject: River Tam

So do you know who River Tam is? She’s the enigmatic stowaway on the Firefly class starship Serenity, and as trailers seem to promise, she blossoms into full kick-ass mode in the upcoming film of the same name. She’s got a past, as so many enigmatic kick-ass characters do, and that past involves long-term imprisonment […]