Writer Guidelines

Writer C.J. Cherryh says that “no rule should be followed off a cliff.” She refers here to the rules of writing and good grammar. But she also mentions this with respect to her own guidelines, some of which she conveys on this page. Good stuff. And a good reminder that though I’ve come a long […]

Sorry Sue

I’ve been more or less silent around here lately. Sorry about that. I think this cartoon, taken from the pages of New Yorker (March 21, 1994,) sums things up rather nicely: Too many projects. And too many projects necessarily means choosing just one or two to focus on. Either that or a picking up some […]


It’s Friday and it’s a day off and I’m tying up all kinds of loose ends around here. Mostly it’s a day of working from home. I’ve got scripts to read, a script to write, a few posts to compose for LAist (including the one I just submitted about the intersection of Gardner and Sunset […]