SFX: Boom Bip

It’s late. I should be sleeping. But I just picked up a couple discs from work that you should know about. One, I’ll tell you about now. The other tomorrow or the next day. Diverse producer/sound-sculptor Boom Bip released Blue-Eyed in the Red Room back in March. The track here is the final cut from […]

Mandala 05.25.05

When I fist sign up for to participate in Mandala, Amoeba’s in-house DJ series, I plan on spinning a predictable set of traditional tunes that cover my interests. I figure that way, I’ll offend the fewest number of people. But somewhere along the way, I decide, “Fuck it,” and I set out to spin a […]

Licorice Pizza

Licorice Pizza was the name of a record store that used to exist in Albuquerque. I doubt it exists any more. (You know, Black like licorice? Round like pizza? LP?) Anyway, I’m spinning the licorice pizza on Wednesday at Amoeba starting at 8:30PM, if anyone’s curious. I’d love it if just one friend shows up, […]