1. I’m in the final stages of ripping my CD collection, after which I’m going to sell the entire lot at work. All that music adds up to about 150 gigs when compressed to 224kps mp3. The new external hard drive sitting atop my pc will hold all that plus more. Gone will be the […]


I’m in the middle of another one of those hell weeks. This is that kind of week where I work Saturday and Sunday at Amoeba, then Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday from ten in the morning till 11:30 at night. I have Thursday off because I’ve got to go see the doctor about the high hemoglobin levels […]

laptop thief

You ever had anything stolen? Ever wish you could address the thief directly and point out in a clear and simple style just how unfortunate the theft was and how much you’d like that thing back? A Berkeley bio professor had his laptop swiped. At the end of the next day’s class session he takes […]

Libby Gelman-Waxner

Jack asks in a comment to yesterday’s post how far back Libby Gelman Waxner’s famous column began. Those who followed Libby’s funny and offbeat “reviews” might remember that she was revealed to be Jeffrey scribe Paul Rudnick. Her first column appears in the February 1988 issue, which sports Cher and Nic Cage on its cover. […]