more auctions

A little action on the auction. Yesterday a small flurry of bids pushed the Pillsbury Pornboy up to just over twenty bucks, which matches my expectations, if not my hopes. And the Pornboy himself? He’s chillin’ Meanwhile, Manager Guy and The Empress over at my favorite Query Letters site have tipped us off to an […]


I’m at Wells Fargo, trying to get a cashier’s check to pay for the new Silver Beetle. The bank teller is nice, but she spends a full ten minutes staring at her computer screen, tapping the keys, contemplating, thinking, mulling. Then she says she has to call another bank to confirm that the deposit made […]

new wheels

You know there aren’t many web pages in which the Pillsbury Doughboy and The Vivid Girls appear together? There’s probably a good reason for that, but it’s a peculiar fact I’m soon hoping to remedy. In fact, I just have, simply by typing these words. Isn’t the Internet weird? So, yeah, I’ve been gone. Last […]