the faces of meth

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while. Oregon deputy Bret King has begun a project he calls the Faces Of Meth. He’s juxtaposed before and after photos of some of the more intense meth-addict cases to come through the Multnomah County Detention Center. Take a look at them here. When the horror subsides […]

oscar yawn

It’s Oscar time again and I couldn’t care less. I suppose I’d be a little more engaged if I’d seen even a quarter of the movies that are nominated. I used to love the Oscars. I would make a big deal about guessing who should win, who would win and where I was going to […]


Bind. Torture. Kill. BTK. This guy’s been dormant for so long that most people had forgotten about him. But thirty years after claiming his first victim, Dennis Rader is behind bars. Turns out he’s a family man. He’d always been organized, meticulous and patient. But most of all he was, as the cliche goes, just […]

intelligent design?

There’s a terrific editorial in today’s New York Times that addresses the recent acceptance by a Pennsylvania school of an alternative to Darwinism. This approach, dubbed Intelligent Design, figures that human beings are far too complex to have simply evolved by chance. They must have been “designed” by someone or something (they’re careful not to […]