The CD purge continues Jerry passed the torch. Here’s the stuff. Music Questionnaire: 1. What is the total amount of music files on your computer? 41.7 GB at the moment. This is not only everything I’ve checked out from Amoeba since I started in June, but it’s also the accumulated tunage I’ve ripped from the […]

the delicate skin

Seventeen months ago, a pair of cool producers optioned the delicate skin. There was a fair amount of sernedipity involved. I had just posted it over at when one of those producers happened to stumble upon it. Hers was the script’s very first review, and it glowed. This amazed me at the time, because […]


Okay, so yeah, it’s almost been a week since I’ve posted anything interesting. I’ve been preoccupied. During long stretches of inactivity on this blog you can almost always find me over at my other site, For about a year now, my friend Sara and I have been obsessed with tracking down art by the […]

three things:

i. I’m aware that Safari users are having difficulty with the collapsing menus on the right side of this blog. Clicking on the “links” heading gets you the whole shebang, throwing down a bunch of hypertext and thumbnails in a way that renders useless all of my careful page design. It’s a problem with the […]


Cool. You gotta love it when Defamer locks in on a blog. That Alexander post below caught someone’s attention over there. Web traffic at this site has jumped a little. I suppose my bandwidth will be okay, as long as visitors don’t notice all those mp3’s lying about… Obviously I don’t get a lot of […]

vangelis alexander score

Well, this Vangelis Collector site provides a glimmer of an answer to the Alexander conundrum (see previous post.) While it mentions a recent Ebay auction of the disc, it doesn’t indicate that the price was anything unusual about it. But then, this was a few weeks ago. It seems there are some music cues on […]

supply vs. demand

This time of year a cluster of Academy demos come through the doors of Amoeba. Often, we’ll buy them. Heck, if someone sells it to us (and it’s not an obvious bootleg) we’ll happily make it available for someone else to buy. In most cases, screeners and demo copies are marked down to sub-basement prices. […]

no. 18

I’m trying to accumulate twenty pitchable script ideas for the new year. I’ve always had three or four within reach, but I’m making a determined effort to pour every ounce of creative strength I have into a long list of ideas. I don’t want toss-away notions. I want twenty ideas that speak to me, that […]