Just wanted to say Happy New Year. I’m hoping that 2005 brings some better news and better times. I’m at home now, just typing stuff and ignoring phone calls. In about forty-five minutes Sara’s gonna swing by and pick me up. I’ll be welcoming the new year with some Sancerre and some good company, I […]


My friend Jules just lost her cat. Hazel was a gorgeous tortie kitten, not even a year old. Jules writes a heart-wrenching account of the accident and the accompanying guilt and sadness in a recent blog entry. Take a moment to comment on her post and remind her that it wasn’t her fault. I think […]


I leave my house at about noon to get a haircut at Rudy’s on Sunset. That’s all. I just want a haircut. Somehow, within an hour, I’m sitting down to lunch with Sara and, among others, Jonny Wickersham from Social Distortion, Keith Morris from Black Flag and The Circle Jerks, and bassist Flea from Red […]

prime movers

I’m finally putting together a cd cover and label for my latest mix. I’m calling it Prime, because it assembles eleven of my most favorite tracks from the past three and a half years (which is how long I’ve had my turntables.) Tracklist: 1) Breeder � Tyrantanic 2) Gus Gus � Purple (Sasha vs. The […]


Christmas is roaring down the pike full-throttle now at Amoeba. Mondays feel like Saturdays. Saturdays feel like Armageddon. Everyone’s running around with a “just trying to hold it together” look on their faces. I have to work nine hours on Christmas Eve. Then I’m driving up to SLO for two days. This, of course, depends […]

two years later

A lot happens in two years. I had been wanting to make the move to LA for some time. So two years ago I shift down to LA from Santa Barbara. I stay in Lomita with my friend Mandy while I look for a job. I spend large chunks of time writing in the Rolling […]


I lock myself out of my car tonight. I enter through the passenger side, grab a piece of paper and a pen and write a note to put on Sara’s car (in retaliation for the note she left on mine.) When I’m done, I get up and instinctively lock the door, realizing even as the […]

buffed out

Another quick, pointless entry, but I just have to post this pic of the British Buffy Box. Seven Seasons. 39 discs. 117 hours. It comes through Amoeba yesterday. I immediately get on the horn to Ryan, whose collection, like mine, consists of the entire run of the series, but whose bank account, unlike mine, can […]