I download invoice software from the Intarweb today and create a fun bill to send Boss. Here’s the email I put together for him. I hope the tone isn’t too harsh… Hi, Boss! I sent you an elaborate email yesterday in the hopes that we could establish contact. I’m frankly surprised I haven’t heard back […]

naked and famous

I try to wake up at eight. I really do. But though I don’t remember having THAT many margaritas last night, my body begs to differ. And when it comes to begging, my body can be awfully persuasive. So I mess around a little on the Web, send off that email to Boss, whom I […]

gloom and doom

I get back from SLO last night at eleven. Martel is completely full. Nowhere to park. Nowhere, that is, aside from the single space way the hell up near Sunset. I’m driving Ryan’s car, which he let me borrow for the drive north while he’s away in Texas. The next morning I go to retrieve […]

hopkin redux

In case anyone’s been wondering, boingboing has picked up on the Hopkin meme. They provide a link to this story, in which a curious journalist explores the source of the msyterious note. It turns out that the author of the note is a sixteen year old boy with autism who has, alas, forgotten all about […]

D&D at thirty

A couple decades ago, my friend’s dad derided our obsession with Dungeons & Dragons, referring to the game as “garbage.” We didn’t mind. We were used to that sort of reaction. In retrospect, the alarm and consternation the game caused among parents is laughable. Some found the subject matter (a pagan world of monsters and […]

new domain

I’ve aquired the domain to use for this site. It’s merely redirecting to this url at the moment, but within the next month or two I hope to move everything to that domain. It’s easier to remember than the current URL. This blog was supposed to supplement the greter Sixsquare website, but it’s sorta […]