blogger up

Blogger’s back, as most of you probably realize. Seems they had some network trouble. A ghost in the machine, perhaps. I’ve posted the PJ Harvey entry, as it was written–the same cotton-eared, sticky, post-midnight prose that sprang from my fingers to the sound of last night’s drumming rain. Tomorrow I head up to Santa Barbara […]

polly jean

The first time pick up a PJ Harvey disc in the summer of �93. Rid Of Me. I buy it because of the cover, in which PJ swings a soaking wet arc of hair over her head. That, and a good review I read somewhere. And over the years, as every new album comes out, […]

rapture at sea

Still bringing my computer back up to speed. That and the writing devour time like ravenous demons. When I come back, I’ll tell you about how I helped a woman get her car out of harm’s way. Almost. In the meantime, check out this chilled out vibe by Eastern Sun and John Kelley, from the […]

vaccine wanted

Everyone’s getting sick. Ryan’s sick. Sara’s sick. Dave’s sick. Maryann’s sick. Everyone. I don’t get sick, myself. Not in a physical way. I express it cybernetically. My computer gets sick. I’m telling you this because you need to know why I’ve been silent for three days. I run a pretty tight ship here in the […]

nick nolte’s diary

Click this link before the site goes away. Two screenwriters had many people fooled into believing that actor Nick Nolte keeps an online diary. Nick has since flung a cease and desist order their way. I thought it was a little weird, but it seems weirder that someone would go to such effort as a […]

autumnal image

I love this photo. I took it in Santa Barbara. There’s an annual pumpkin patch that opens on Hollister Avenue. It’s kind of special. It’s just like every other pumpkin patch I’ve ever seen, but we had good times there. On this particular day I went with some friends and took my camera. This little […]

minutiae (more)

–Rain falls. Nick Bracegirdle supplies an appropriate noise to accompany. Though the album is a good four years old, this is me, catching up. –The Elvis Costello in-store is well attended. We avoid the numbers achieved by Rilo Kiley. I hear Nick Harcourt say yesterday morning on MBE that Costello is in their studios that […]


Just a quick note to confirm that yes, Elvis Costello is performing in-store this evening at Amoeba. It’s a secret, so don’t tell anyone. We’re trying to avoid another store-paralyzing Rilo Kiley situation. uh…so why am I posting this here? Because only about eight people ever really check into this blog and many of them […]